When you share a creative space with someone, you share a personal experience of self invention. Stripped of logic and barriers, it incites a deeply human magnetism that truly connects you - and that is long lasting.


Our Programs

World Lens offers three different programs, all of which are built around the same vision, mission, core values, education wheel, and curriculum: Interactive Storytellers, Digital Penpals, Avant Garde Fellows. The implementation of each program varies in duration and delivery, but all programs are based on the needs of the teacher and students.  



Interactive Storytellers

Intensive & highly interactive 6-month season where two schools engage weekly    through photography and creative writing: a comprehensive cultural exchange that allows students to cultivate in-depth relationships with their partners abroad. 


Digital Penpals

A 6-month season where three-five schools engage monthly through photography and digital letters to each other; a broad cultural collaboration that introduces students to multiple perspectives.  

Avants Garde Fellows

A uniquely designed program for partners with a like-minded vision to World Lens and unique circumstances; examples include a  3-month collaboration with a refugee population in Australia + a week- long workshop for students aged 9-17 in Nepal.  


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