Election Reflection

A reflection on fighting for unity. In a time when we are overloaded with divisive language from many of our leaders, it is important to remember that we are in this together. Written by World Lens alumnus, Caryssa Dieni.

Theresa Clemmons
A Letter to WLF

Following Obama's farewell speech and the impending political changes in the US, this is a reflection and open letter to the World Lens community, written by WLF founder. Thoughts on empathy, change, and trying on other people's shoes.

Theresa Clemmons
Leadership Summit

Check out this short documentary from our first-ever Leadership Summit, held in Washington D.C. last August. The film was made by Portland, Oregon based director Brian Fitzgerald and co-produced by student participants.

Theresa Clemmons

#GivingTuesday is a growing movement that invites people everywhere to give to something they believe in. Whether through time, money, or moral support, today is about diving into something bigger than yourself. And so, we humbly extend the opportunity to join our vision of bringing the world a little bit closer together...

Theresa Clemmons
Developing Empathy

¨How can we learn to love others if we do not have the opportunity to understand them?¨ Driven by this question, the World Lens Foundation (WLF) was founded five years ago with the aspiration to give people worldwide the opportunity to communicate cross-culturally and develop leadership, accompany other cultures and to be accompanied, and to cultivate empathy.

Paul Burger

In an effort to 1) expand and strengthen our global reach, 2) put into practice the vision that we teach (connect-educate-create-empathize), and 3) experience the diversity of global educational practices, WLF took a RIDE around the world.

Theresa Clemmons
PeacePlayers + WLF

Peace Players International – Middle East (PPI-ME) fellow Jack Randolph interviewed Samantha Dols, Senior Director of Operations for the Washington West film festival and Founder and President of the World Lens Foundation (WLF), which seeks to provide youth from around the world with a platform where they can “connect, can get to know each other, exchange beliefs and traditions, and collaborate on creative endeavors.”

Theresa Clemmons